Modelling & Numerical Simulation

November 12, 2020

Supported by:

Linked to M2SiNum project

M2SINUM is co-financed by the European Union
with the European regional development fund (ERDF)
and by the Normandie Regional Council.

Organization :

Maria Kazakova and Christian Gout (LMI)

  • Room  (maximum attendees : ) :      
    • Salle de réunion Bougainville ARC02, INSA Rouen


  • Link to the virtual workshop -  Zoom URL :

               Subject : Modelling & Numerical Simulation Workshop @LMI
               Time : 12 nov. 2020 02:00 PM Paris

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               There will be a waiting room in operation,
               the main call will open at 2pm and you will be admitted to the workshop.
               Please connect with you real name and institution.


 Program :

14:00 Volker Roeber & Fatima-Zahra Mihami (Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour)

14:40 Pierre Bénard (INSA, Rouen)

15:20 Pause

15:30 Stefano Frambati (Total, Paris)

16:10 Arnaud Duran (ICJ, Université  Lyon I)




 Maria Kazakova / Christian Gout - Novembre 2020