Wind/Marine current velocity field approximation from sparse data:
Modelling and visualization on real dataset

S. Benhida


From 8          stations (left), we get the wind velocity field on all the studied area (right)


We take into account the topography of the studied area:

In order to show this method on more complicated datasets, we have considered the wind conditions during 3 days : we have the value of the wind vector field in each Meteo France stations every 3 hours (total of 24 datasets).

File: 42Mo
C. Gout, S. Benhida
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En collaboration avec B. Jobard (LIUPPA, Pau)

 Marine current approximation visualization
click on the images to see the movie (thanks to B. Jobard)



Supported in parts by : M2NUM project

Christian Gout, 2017/18