9th International Conference on

ARCACHON - june 28 to july 4, 2018

Mini Symposium

Applications in energy industry

July 2, 2018 - 16h15 to 18h30

Org./Chair : Christian Gout & Zoé Lambert
M2NUM, LMI, INSA Rouen Normandie
Coordinator ENERGY of the


Competitiveness cluster :  AVENIA

Jean Baccou
On the construction of adaptive design of experiments for the approximation of complex computer code behaviors

Henri Calandra
Recent advances in numerical methods for solving the wave equation in the context of seismic depth imaging

David Bonner
Wind Turbine Optimization

Ange Caruso
Modeling and simulation issues at EDF enabling energy challenges


Norbert Warncke
Exact and efficient computations for Galerkin Boundary Element Methods






Mis à jour le 19 juillet 2018
Contact : Christian Gout  (LMI, Rouen).
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