Département Génie Mathématique / LMI EA3226


1er février 2019 - Magellan salle H.R1.03 - 9h à 11h

Ce que vous devez savoir de la technologie Blockchain / What you should know about Blockchain technology

Abstract :
Since the introduction of the bitcoin cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto​​​​​​​ in 2008/2009, its computational foundation, the blockchain, has attracted an ever-growing level of attention in virtually every domain from finance to supply chain and gaming.
There is now a good consensus across many industries that this technology, even if still young and evolving, is a real game changer. It has the potential to radically modify the way we do many, many things.
Given this potential, issues abound on many levels: technology, business, markets, law, and even politics and environment. It is not our purpose here to cover these in depth, but rather to provide the audience with a basic knowledge of what is the problem that blockchain solves, and how it does it from a technological standpoint.