We live in the Era of Mathematics

We live in the Era of Mathematics.

Our colleagues at the European Mathematical Society have made a short video on the profound impact maths has on life and business in the 21st century with the intervention of the industrial core team of EU-MATHS-IN (Michelin, Siemens) and Wil Schilders(EU-MATHS-IN president).

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    EU-MATHS-IN Success Stories

E@lin from LMI - INSA Rouen Normandie
(C. Le Guyader, C. Gout, N. Forcadel, with D. Apprato (Pau and P. Alexandre (ENGIE GREEN) is among the success stories.

    LMI and ENGIE Green

e@lin: Wind velocity field approximation - Modelling and visualization on real datasets

Success story (until 2020) :